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Why I Created This space

Like most people I know, I’m upset by what I’m seeing in America. We are being pulled to pieces — political tribes, regional blocs, fractured social identities — by societal, legal, and technological forces. Neither our government nor our underlying politics has been up to the challenge. As a result, we have a dangerous and despicable figure occupying the presidency. Yet, he is only a symptom, a reflection of the underlying rot in our politics and breakdown in the gears of American democracy. Which means as bad as it seems to many, it could get worse.

On the other hand, the beautiful thing about our country and our government is that more than anyplace else in the world, we have the ability to control our future. That means things could get better too.

I care not only because of what it means for my family and my own community, but also because I truly believe to my core that good government matters; good good policy matters; good politics matters. I devoted a lot of my career to pursuing those ideals…almost a decade as a chief of staff and legislative director for three different members of congress, two more years as policy adviser in the New Hampshire State Senate, and a senior adviser and campaign manager to U.S. House and Senate campaigns along the way. Some of my proudest moments came from working with others who had different ideas, perspectives, and priorities to create government policy that made a difference in people’s lives. I have a deep faith built on those experiences that we can fix what is broken, adapt to changes in the world that have made our government and our politics askew, and get back on a pathway that truly serves the people’s interests.

It won’t just happen though. It will take people sharing thinking, new ideas, and eventually, hard work. My hope is that by better understanding the problems, and the potential solutions, we can speed the process. That’s what I’m aiming to write about here — and I’m hoping that other people who may have different ideas but the same ideals will read, react, and contribute.